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- Tyre fitting service and home delivery is only available to mainland UK - Acceptable methods of payment are listed at the online checkout when purchasing your tyres

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As more vehicle manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve fuel efficiency, run flat tyres are replacing spare tyres as standard equipment on many vehicles.

They are designed with a much thicker sidewall than a standard tyre, which can hold the weight of a car when the pressure drops. Their purpose is to keep your car moving in the event of a puncture, so you can get home or to the nearest garage.

Vehicles that are compatible with run flat tyres are equipped with a TPMS, which alerts you when one of your tyres loses pressure or has suffered a puncture. A TPMS is an incredibly important security component and without one, you could be left unaware of a loss of pressure. This might result in you exceeding the safety limit speed and causing the tyre to fail.

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Benefits of Run Flat Tyres

  • No need to change a wheel at the roadside. There are inherent dangers associated with changing a wheel at the roadside, particularly if the puncture occurs on a motorway where the work has to be carried out on the hard shoulder. If you are travelling in an isolated area or late at night, being stranded or having to change a wheel in the dark is a risk that most would wish to avoid.

  • Keep control of your vehicle. Whilst a puncture is usually more of an inconvenience and unwanted expense, the dangers involved with a tyre failure at high speed are far more serious. The greatest danger is the loss of control of the vehicle. This occurs when the sidewall of the tyre, which is usually kept secure against the rim by the internal air pressure, becomes separated from the rim flange and drops into the well of the wheel.

  • No spare wheel in the boot. There is no need for a spare wheel in the boot of your car. By removing this, cars with run flat tyres benefit from more boot space and a reduction of the overall weight of the vehicle, resulting in better fuel efficiency.


Do I need Run Flat Tyres?

It depends on your vehicle - You should not fit Run Flat tyres to a car that is not set up to use them, nor should you fit normal tyres to a car set up for Run Flat Tyres.

How long can I run on a Run Flat tyre with a puncture or low air pressure?

This really depends on the size and brand of the tyre and the number of people in the vehicle, but as a guide, you will be able to travel 50 miles at a reduced speed up to 50 mph.

*Same day delivery is only available on specific tyres in certain locations. Please enter your postcode on the select tyre page to see if tyres are available for same day fitting.

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