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Car battery failure is one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns. It can also be one of the most inconvenient and expensive motoring problems to resolve. Although it is the heart of your vehicle, a car battery is only expected to have a life span of around five years and yet the advances in automotive technology can shorten this even further.

We increasingly rely on them to re-charge our mobile phones, iPods and anything else we can charge through the 12v lighter socket. Then there are the heated seats, electric windows, demisters, all of which enhance your driving experience, but drain the life out of your battery. Even stop-start systems, while good for the environment, are an extra drain on your battery power. That is why it is important to be aware of the age of your battery, signs that it’s on its last legs and maintenance tips to ensure it doesn’t let you down.

How to maintain your car battery

There are several simple steps you can take to get the maximum life and value out of your car battery.

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Check the Charge

Make sure your cell voltage is checked when you have your car serviced.  A fully charged battery will have a charge of 12.5 to 12.6 volts.  When the engine is running this should rise to 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

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Inspect your battery every few months to make sure it is clean and secure.  A dirty battery connection will weaken the charge, so remove the connectors from the terminal to clean away grease, dirt and dried acid build-up. You could even apply a layer of multi-purpose grease to protect the battery from rust and corrosion.

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As temperatures drop more power is needed to start the engine.  In order to give your battery a helping hand, ensure all accessories are unplugged and switch off anything else that drains its power. Get into the habit of turning everything off before you leave your car.

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Use It or Lose It

Not driving your vehicle enough can lead to battery problems. Batteries will refuse to work when vehicles have been left standing idle.  Equally, if your car is only used for short trips, the battery will not have enough time to recharge, which will ultimately leave it flat.

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RAC Battery Shop

Buying your new car battery can be daunting. Hundreds of different makes and models means choosing the right battery for your car is no simple task. However, shopping for a battery at the RAC Shop couldn’t be easier, simply enter your reg and batteries that fit your vehicle will be displayed, with home delivery or mobile fitting options.

The RAC have been fixing cars at the roadside for over 120 years, they also provide a mobile battery fitting service. Visit the RAC Shop today and to find the perfect battery for your vehicle.

Find a battery at RAC Shop

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