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etyres stock an extensive range of tyres suitable for 4x4’s and SUV’s. As these vehicles are typically designed for a level of off-road usage, they require tyres with a deeper tread and improved grip and traction on a variety of terrains.

Depending on your driving habits there are different 4x4 tyres to suit. Ensuring you have the right type of tyre fitted to your car will not only enhance driving performance, but will increase your safety.

4x4 tyre size

4x4 Tyre Size

When searching for tyres suitable for 4x4’s, you should take note that the sidewall of 4x4 tyres are slightly different to regular car tyres. You will find an ‘LT’ (standing for light truck) before the tyre size, which indicates that a tyre is reinforced and can handle the extra weight of a 4x4.

Types of 4x4 Tyres

High Performance

The development of a new breed of high performance 4x4’s meant there was an increased need for tyres which delivered the same enhanced performance.

Intended for road use, performance 4x4 tyres share similar characteristics to high performance car tyres such as extra grip and shorter braking distances. They also include directional tread patterns which have larger gaps than normal between the tread blocks for occasional off-road usage. As they are typically made up of a softer tread compound, these 4x4 tyres are designed to emulate the superior grip and handling that you’d find on a high performance sports car.

High Performance


Mud 4x4 tyres are designed, as their name suggests, for drivers who primarily use their car off road and on muddy terrain.

You can easily identify mud tyres by the M&S (Mud and Snow) marking on the sidewall. These 4x4 tyres have a much larger tread pattern to offer maximum grip on muddy terrain. With a focus and design towards off-road driving, mud tyres don’t perform as well on the road. However, while it’s recommended that mud tyres are to be used primarily off-road, there is a 20% bias towards road use so may still be suitable for drivers that need to cover minimal mileage on the road.

Mud Tyres

All terrain

All terrain 4x4 tyres are an ideal middle ground for drivers who need to use their car both on and off road.

Although all terrain tyres don’t offer the same performance as specific off or on road tyres, they offer a balance between the two. They offer increased grip and handling on tarmac and because they are made from a harder tread compound, they have excellent longevity. In most cases, they can cover up to 60,000 miles without needing to be replaced. Some even feature tread patterns designed to reduce the retention of stones.

All terrain


Many prefer the comfort and safety of 4x4 vehicles when driving in cities or towns and therefore need a tyre more suited to this.

4x4 tyres designed for urban environments often have a number of features more suited to the city driving conditions. These usually include a look that compliments the style of your 4x4 to keep your car looking it’s best for passing pedestrians. A lower noise rating and treads that are engineered for shorter urban journeys rather than off road are also some of their key characteristics.

Urban Tyres

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