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Repairable Tyre Area Tread Gauge

Is Your Puncture Repairable?

There are a number of factors that dictate whether your puncture can be repaired, such as the size and location of the puncture and the condition of the tyre.

If you are unsure as to whether a puncture can be fixed, this free printable repairable area gauge allows you to see in which area of the tyre tread it is possible to safely and legally repair a puncture.

It is important to note that if your vehicle is fitted with run flat tyres, it might not be possible to repair punctures. This is simply because it will be difficult to tell if the puncture has damaged the reinforced sidewall of the tyre and carrying out a repair might cause it to be unsafe to drive on.

Is Your Flat Tyre Fixable?

The “repairable area” of a tyre is designated as that where a repair can be carried out to British Standards (currently BS AU 159f).

Because a tyre curves away from the middle of where the tyre rolls on the road, only the centre area is repairable. Sidewalls are not repairable.

The repairable area varies by the size of the tyre and is based on the centre line, e.g. 82mm means 41mm on either side of the centre line of the tyre.

Using this handy repairable areas tread gauge, you can quickly find out if a puncture in your tyre is likely to be repairable.

Follow the printing instructions so that it is the right size, cut it out, read the tyre width off its sidewall, then put the centre line of the gauge in the middle of the tyre where the puncture is. If the puncture falls between the markings for that size tyre, it is probably repairable.

(Note that the tyre may not be repairable if the hole is larger than 3mm or there is other internal damage to the tyre.)

Click on the image below to download your free repairable area gauge in PDF format.

Repairable Tyre Area Tread Gauge

Tyre Width Repair Area
135 82 mm
145 88 mm
155 93 mm
165 108 mm
175 114 mm
185 120 mm
195 128 mm
205 145 mm
215 153 mm
225 159 mm
235 167 mm
245 174 mm
255 180 mm
265 187 mm
275 194 mm
285 201 mm
295 208 mm
335 236 mm
345 243 mm

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