emap automotive fleet news what's hot with online tyre providers


emap automotive fleet news what's hot with online tyre providers


Web watch: we review what’s hot on the net

14 February 2006
Author: Tom Seymour

THIS website is automatically going to draw comparisons with other online tyre providers.

They both deal with sorting out tyres in a quick, hassle-free way and they both aim to offer the cheapest prices.

The first noticeable difference is that Etyres does not use a step-by-step process to help its users find the tyres they want. But it does have a promotional video starring former female rally driver and TV presenter Penny Mallory.

The homepage is simple to navigate and a Flash function explains what all those curious numbers on the side of your tyres mean.

The homepage has a menu featuring all the top-name tyre brands and a dropdown menu which can be used to enter tyre details. Despite not having a step-by-step process to ordering the tyres, it was still easy and took about five minutes to find a tyre and get to the final purchase stage.Once customers have entered their details to purchase their tyres, Etyres saves them to make future purchases quicker. Etyres.co.uk offers a similar, yet different service to blackcircles.com.

They really are matched evenly in terms of web design and ease of use. Cheapest doesn’t always mean best, so it will be up to fleet managers to decide whether tyres fitted at a garage is a bigger incentive.

Large fleets can qualify for discounts. To find out if they qualify, fleets can fill out an enquiry form.

The site: http://www.etyres.co.uk/.

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