etyres Short-listed for Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards 2006




etyres Short-listed for Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards 2006

By invitation from The Observer and the Energy Saving Trust, the green policy of etyres has once again been acknowledged. The etyres green policy is a comprehensive approach to environmental concern that has put the company at the forefront of social conscience among tyre dealers.

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The Fleet Hero Awards 2006 will be announced November 13th, 2006, in a ceremony in London. etyres applauds the efforts of the Energy Saving Trust in its attempts to bring greater awareness to all businesses, large and small, about how business activity impact on the environment.


"The Energy Saving Trust asks... Is your organisation an environmental fleet hero? Are you one of Britain’s environmental fleet heroes? Is your organisation going the extra mile to ensure their transport strategies are energy efficient and sustainable?"

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"Energy Saving Trust launches Green Fleet Heroes awards

The Energy Saving Trust, in association with the Observer and Fleet News, launch their ‘Green Fleet Hero’. The awards are open to every type of organisation: big or small; private or public sector.

In many organizations, LPG vehicles have formed an integral part of their environmental policy and companies within the industry or their customers are encouraged to enter to attract the wider recognition that is deserved."

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