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SP Sport 7000

Dunlop SP Sport 7000

If you're after an all-season, premium tyre that won't make you compromise on driving performance, the Dunlop SP Sport 7000 could be the tyre for you. With Multi Radius Tread Technology, this tyre offers drivers excellent wet to dry traction with low rolling resistance, thereby improving overall fuel economy. Likewise, the tyre features unique tread patterns that are designed to dispel water, snow and ice from the tyre, allowing a safer ride overall.

Features and benefits
  • Great wet and dry traction, especially at high speeds
  • Low road noise, offering a pleasant ride
  • Excellent cornering stability

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All Season Tyre

All season tyres (all weather tyres) are suitable for use in weather conditions all year round.

4x4 Tyre

Designed for off-road conditions and to wear evenly when used on a 4x4 vehicle.

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Fuel economy ranges from A-G, with the green ‘A’ rating being the most economic and the red ‘G’ rating being the worst.

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Tyres with an ‘A’ wet grip rating have reduced stopping distances in rain and ‘G’ rated tyres will require longer stopping distances.

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The higher the decibel level (number rating) of a tyre, the louder the rolling noise will be. Quieter tyres have lower decibels.

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