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All You Need To Know About All-Season Tyres

When it comes to the seasons, there are an array of tyres that can be used to suit the weather conditions. However, if you’re looking for something that will allow you to save time (and money), why not try all-season tyres?

All-season tyres are considered suitable to use throughout the year and in an array of weather conditions. The rubber compound it is featured with and the unique tread pattern provides drivers with a better grip that works well in cold conditions. 

Driving In Winter

Driving in the winter can pose many problems for drivers in the UK. Especially in regions that see increased rainfall and colder temperatures. The performance of your car will be greatly impacted when tough weather conditions take place. Therefore, the tread depth and traction of your tyres will either cause or prevent aquaplaning on the road.


All-season tyres take place when water at the front of your tyres begins to build up quicker than what your tyres can handle. This will then feel like you’re somewhat ice-skating. It also makes your car lose contact with the road surface, causing it to glide, losing control of your car.

Driving In Summer

As soon as temperatures begin to drop below 7C, the rubber compounds in normal tyres will harden. Therefore, meaning you will be left with less grip. On icy road surfaces, the lack of grip in your tyres will make a massive difference. Thus, all-season tyres will prevent this from happening. The versatility of all-season tyres provides you with safety and greater traction in tough weather conditions. 

Person driving down a motorway in their car, with the sun glaring into their windscreen.

Other Advantages of All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres tend to have longer tread-wear than normal tyres and may actually grow old before they are worn out. These types of tyres tend to be affordable as well as durable. They are really popular in areas where weather conditions fluctuate. Likewise, another benefit of these tyres is that you won’t be wasting your precious time and effort changing them or spending more money buying tyres to suit the seasons. Drivers are prevented from the hassle and cost of swapping and storing summer and winter tyres. A great leader in these tyres is Michelin. They provide long-lasting performance, whatever the conditions are.

Are All-Season Tyres Suitable For Me?

These types of tyres suit any sort of vehicle. This includes commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks as well as your everyday cars you see on UK roads. Whether you’re driving long distances in wet or slippery roads, or if you’re heading out on a summer getaway, they do just fine to provide you with great traction and safety. 

Furthermore, there are some factors that you must take into consideration before deciding if these are the ones for you. This includes the location in which you live. For example, as countries such as Germany have made it mandatory that you use winter tyres in snowy conditions. Whereas in the UK, it is not necessary although suggested to use the likes of all-season or winter tyres in icy conditions. 

The second factor is the average amount of mileage you carry out in your vehicle. If you reside in a demographic where temperatures are not too low and you don’t tend to drive long distances, you will generally be better off using all-season tyres. This prevents the inconvenience of having to switch your tyres every 6 months.

So, now that you know how critical of component tyres are to your vehicle, why not make use of all-season tyres? You can check out a whole selection of all-season tyres here depending on your budget and car brand. For any other guides or tips on tyres, check out our official blog.

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