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Bridgstone tyres ordered and fitted the same day. Great service from start to finish. D Smith – Lawn 23/10/13

Excellent price for 4 tyres and with a mobile service too! Highly recommended, will be using again.  S Bird – Redhouse 15/10/13

Picked up a nail on the way to work.  Puncture couldn’t be fixed but had a new tyre and was on my way within 90 minutes. Many thanks.  J Roberts – Abbeymeads 11/10/13

Got quoted £255 from ATS for some Goodyear tyres.  You guys were £55 cheaper and with a mobile service! T Rawlingson – West Swindon 03/10/13

Thank you for coming out so quickly earlier today after I got a puncture. Great service. E Brown – Old Town 25/09/13

I picked the Goodyear tyres on the information contained on the EU tyre label. What a great idea. Finally Brussels has done something useful! Great service and excellent value. F Jordan – Covingham 17/09/13

Great service once again.  I prefer these Continental to the Bridgestone runflat tyres on the BMW. G Walters – Old Town 09/09/13

Big thanks for fitting me in at short notice.  The 20p coin tip to check my tyres tread depth is a great idea. B Brammall – Abbeymeads 03/09/13

etyres has got to be the best all inclusive mobile tyre fitting service by a long way!  I wont go anywhere else for my tyres! M Helms – South Marston 29/08/13

Very greatful for the tyre advice, thanks!  Nice chap who fitted my tyres too.  A Wellingborough – Peatmoor 22/08/13

The EU tyre labels’ information is really helpful. Good service, keep up the good work. D Devonshire – Nythe 13/08/13

Thanks for recommending the Falken tyres for my BMW.  They are great value.  Fitting service is exceptional!  G Greening – Highworth 01/08/13

Great service! Picked up a nail earlier today, Paul from the Swindon branch was here within 30 minutes.  Puncture fixed and I was back on the road within an hour. Will be recommending to everyone I know!. C Shields  – Cricklade 17/07/13

Top job once again!  Been using etyres now for about 5 years.  A big tick in the box from me! G Jones- Dorcan 08/07/13

Thank you for coming out so quickly yesterday to fix my pucture, much appreciated. P Holding – Highworth 02/07/13

This email is just to say a big thank you for the tyres you fitted to my Mini today.  Regards D Nailor – Old Town 24/06/13

Ordered tyres at 9 am, done by 2 pm!  Fantastic service! A Whitehouse – Wroughton 14/06/13

I just had you guys out earlier today to fit a couple of Pirelli tyres to my BMW.  What a top job, your fitter was great!  many thanks. T Benning – West Swindon 06/06/13

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Advice prior to your tyre fitting appointment
March 21, 2014

etyres Swindon pride ourselves on giving each customer a 1st class fitting mobile tyre fitting service. In order for your fitting to go smoothly, here are a few handy tips we strongly advise you to follow so that we can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

First of all make sure the size of the tyres you have ordered is the same as the tyres already fitted to your vehicle. Do NOT use a website which purports to give you the correct size for your vehicle when you enter its make, model and registration number. These sites are notoriously inaccurate and this information is only a generic guide. It does not tell you what size is physically fitted to your car.

etyres Swindon will fit your tyres almost anywhere providing there are no obstacles or restrictions. Please check the area where you want your fitting carried out is a firm, flat and relatively level surface that we are able to jack your car up on. You need to make sure the fitter can gain sufficient access to your vehicle and its tyres. If your car is parked in a multi storey car park, our vans will probably not be able to get to you as most have low height restriction which our vans can’t under.

In addition some normal public and staff car parks also have height restrictions. The same applies to many houses in courtyards as these often have low archways to drive through for access. Another problem we have encountered is very narrow or overgrown driveways where it has been impossible to get the van to the vehicle.
Also please ensure our fitters have enough room around your vehicle to gain access to the wheels and that it is not parked directly on a busy main road, which makes the work extremely hazardous.

Normally a quick call will enable us to smooth out any of these issues or alert us to the fact we will need to schedule more time to fit your new tyres.

Last, but by no means least, if you have alloy wheels fitted to your car and these are secured with a locking wheel nut, please physically check you have the key before we visit – we can’t do the job without it. In February alone our etyres Swindon fitters had 16 customers who either thought the key was in the car or didn’t know what it was and either had to rearrange or cancel their fitting appointment. If in doubt, contact our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 or 0333 323 9000 for more information.

Follow this advice and your fitting will go smoothly and efficiently. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Motor Trade customers benefit from etyres Swindon service
November 6, 2013

etyres Swindon has a well-earned reputation for providing local Motor Trade customers with a fast and efficient service that saves them time, hassle and money.

Redvers Automotive Engineers is just one of the businesses that benefit from the etyres Swindon mobile service, which includes supplying and fitting new tyres, along with repairing punctures.

Kevin Turner, owner of the IsIs Trading Estate based company, commented: “We used various tyre fitting companies in Swindon for our new tyres before we started using etyres. We had to shop around for new tyres at the right price which took up time which I could be spending on other things.

“We also had to take the vehicle to the fitting depot to have the new tyres replaced which meant more time was lost. This meant we were kept hanging around whilst the job was done or it tied up two people to drop off and pick up the vehicle.

“We don’t have the manpower to do this; so a mobile fitting service is ideal for us. We have found the etyres Swindon branch have a great network of suppliers and the prices for new tyres with an all inclusive service are extremely competitive.

“We can generally call on etyres to supply and fit new tyres the same day and often at very short notice. Having this tyre fitting service is great for our customers as it means we can offer a valuable additional service and also boosts our profits.

“We frequently have to fail vehicles having a MOT because of worn tyres. Using etyres Swindon means we can get the customers car through the test and so reduce the possibility of a test failure for illegal tyres.

“I would recommend etyres Swindon to any company in the motor trade.”

Paul, etyres Swindon