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Bridgstone tyres ordered and fitted the same day. Great service from start to finish. D Smith – Lawn 23/10/13

Excellent price for 4 tyres and with a mobile service too! Highly recommended, will be using again.  S Bird – Redhouse 15/10/13

Picked up a nail on the way to work.  Puncture couldn’t be fixed but had a new tyre and was on my way within 90 minutes. Many thanks.  J Roberts – Abbeymeads 11/10/13

Got quoted £255 from ATS for some Goodyear tyres.  You guys were £55 cheaper and with a mobile service! T Rawlingson – West Swindon 03/10/13

Thank you for coming out so quickly earlier today after I got a puncture. Great service. E Brown – Old Town 25/09/13

I picked the Goodyear tyres on the information contained on the EU tyre label. What a great idea. Finally Brussels has done something useful! Great service and excellent value. F Jordan – Covingham 17/09/13

Great service once again.  I prefer these Continental to the Bridgestone runflat tyres on the BMW. G Walters – Old Town 09/09/13

Big thanks for fitting me in at short notice.  The 20p coin tip to check my tyres tread depth is a great idea. B Brammall – Abbeymeads 03/09/13

etyres has got to be the best all inclusive mobile tyre fitting service by a long way!  I wont go anywhere else for my tyres! M Helms – South Marston 29/08/13

Very greatful for the tyre advice, thanks!  Nice chap who fitted my tyres too.  A Wellingborough – Peatmoor 22/08/13

The EU tyre labels’ information is really helpful. Good service, keep up the good work. D Devonshire – Nythe 13/08/13

Thanks for recommending the Falken tyres for my BMW.  They are great value.  Fitting service is exceptional!  G Greening – Highworth 01/08/13

Great service! Picked up a nail earlier today, Paul from the Swindon branch was here within 30 minutes.  Puncture fixed and I was back on the road within an hour. Will be recommending to everyone I know!. C Shields  – Cricklade 17/07/13

Top job once again!  Been using etyres now for about 5 years.  A big tick in the box from me! G Jones- Dorcan 08/07/13

Thank you for coming out so quickly yesterday to fix my pucture, much appreciated. P Holding – Highworth 02/07/13

This email is just to say a big thank you for the tyres you fitted to my Mini today.  Regards D Nailor – Old Town 24/06/13

Ordered tyres at 9 am, done by 2 pm!  Fantastic service! A Whitehouse – Wroughton 14/06/13

I just had you guys out earlier today to fit a couple of Pirelli tyres to my BMW.  What a top job, your fitter was great!  many thanks. T Benning – West Swindon 06/06/13

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The first exclusive online mobile tyres and battery retailer to operate in the UK. This etyres branch has been fitting tyres in Swindon and the Wiltshire and surrounding areas since June 2007. Thousands of customers have returned time after time for car tyres including Runflat, 4×4, van, and light truck tyres for huge savings on the price of tyres that the main national tyres depots offer.

If tyres Swindon was your search, you don’t need to look any further for cheap tyres. The Swindon branch covers the areas in and around Highworth and Faringdon in the north, down to Stanford in the Vale, Marlborough and Burbage in the east; across to Upavon and Devizes in the south and to Wootton Bassett, Purton and Cricklade in the west. We do all the SN post codes.

A convenient mobile tyres and battery fitting service for private and business customers, etyres will come to your home or place of work or wherever you would like your tyres fitting. We can also carry out pucture repairs. No more wasted time sitting around in a fast fit centre waiting for your tyres to be changed. We avoid the high overheads of traditional tyres depots keeping our prices to a minimum. The prices quoted are all inclusive; there is no call out charge and no hidden extras saving you time and money! We at etyres pride ourselves on offering a first class service to our customers. That’s why they keep coming back and recommend us to family and friends.

You can simply order on-line if you know what you are looking for, or call the national call centre for free help and advice on 0800 028 9000 or 0333 323 9000. For cash and trade sales or if you wish to deal with the Swindon branch direct call 01793 876969.

Branch Opening Hours

Monday to Friday  08.30 am – 5.30 pm & Saturday 08.30 am – 1.00 pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays Closed

etyres Swindon
28 Sandacre Road, Nine Elms, Swindon SN5 5UA


Weighing up the benefits of winter tyres
December 5, 2014

Winter has officially arrived and from now until spring, the weather is going to be a lot colder and wetter. Over the past few years we have seen a significant amount of snowfall and a subsequently we are getting more enquiries this time of year about winter tyres and their availability. The tyre wholesalers seem to have got ahead of the game and currently there is a good choice of winter tyres available.

Winter tyres cope much better in the snow, although with very heavy snow they are not the complete fix. In most northern European countries, it is a matter of course to fit winter tyres for the winter months. In Germany it is a legal requirement to fit them. Most drivers on the continent, where they experience snow regularly, have two sets of wheels, one for the summer tyres and one for the winter tyres. Swapping them around is relatively quick and straight forward.

etyres Swindon can swap over your summer and winter tyres onto your wheels and balance your wheels, but please be warned, your tyres are not designed to be taken on and off the rims as a routine. So there is a chance the beads may get damaged during fitting the older the tyres get. The risk is considerably increased with runflat tyres. It makes much more sense and works out a lot cheaper to get a spare set of wheels for your winter tyres. Don’t be tempted to go to your local car dealership. The wheels will be expensive. Far better to go for non OE or replica wheels. These will be a lot cheaper. If you get them from the vehicle breakers, the wheels will be so much cheaper again.

Having another set of wheels can also give your car a mini makeover with a different style of wheel. When you come to sell the car, you can either sell the winter tyres with the car, which will make it a more attractive buy, or you could auction them off on the web.

Make sure potholes don’t leave a big hole in your wallet by damaging your tyres
October 20, 2014

Winter will be with us before you know it, bringing the driving hazards we dread and causing more damage to our roads. The freezing temperatures we have experienced in the past have left a legacy of potholes on our roads which cash-strapped councils can take a long time, even months and years, to repair.

Freezing temperatures destroy road surfaces if they have not been maintained properly. Water gets into cracks in the tarmac and expands when it freezes. This allows the surface to break up, which can cause large potholes, so drivers need to take extra care. We have had a huge increase in customers with punctures and buckled wheels and although we cannot stop you driving over a pothole, we can offer a little advice to help you reduce the risk of wheel and tyre damage.

Checking your tyre pressure is vital for the tyres to be able to perform as they were designed. With under-inflated tyres you are more likely to damage the wheel and tyres if you are unfortunate enough to go over a pothole. Under-inflated tyres also cause your vehicle to use more fuel and increases your stopping distance when braking.

The legal minimum limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm over three quarters of the tread in a continuous unbroken band around the circumference of the tyre, it is advisable to change your tyres when the tread reaches the wear bars. Wear bars are raised bits of rubber in the tread grooves. They are normally set at 2mm, so when the tread wears down level with the wear bars, it’s time to change your tyres.

Illegal tyres can cost you £1000′s and three penalty points on your license for each illegal tyre. If you have four illegal tyres you could end up with a driving ban. Tests have shown that tyres with the legal limit of 1.6 mm take three car lengths further to stop when braking compared to a car with 3mm of tread. Click here to watch Vicki Butler Henderson demonstrate the risks involved when you drive on tyres with low tread.

Don’t run the risk of being involved in a serious or costly accident this winter, check your tyres and change them sooner rather than later. Remember those four bits of rubber are all that keep you in contact with the road. Don’t take any chances; it’s not worth the risk.