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“My tyres were fitted whilst I was at work avoiding a trip to Bideford.”  – Mrs Cook, Clovelly

“Thank you for fixing my puncture and providing me with excellent service. Have a drink on me!” John, Barnstaple

“It’s brilliant that you are on our doorstep!” Geoff, Hockings Ice Cream

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etyres is a mobile tyre fitting company with a branch in the North Devon area. We operate a mobile service which means we go to our customer to fit the tyres, whether they are at home or work, which saves them time and hassle.

And because we do not need an expensive tyres fitting depot we keep our overheads low and pass the savings on to our customers with cheap tyres prices – up to 40%lower than the high street chains.

So if cheap tyres North Devon is the search term you have looked for, then we are the people you want. We offer a local service covering Barnstaple, Bideford and the wider North Devon area.

Anyone who needs new tyres, puncture repairs or car batteries in these North Devon areas is welcome to order online or by calling our local branch on 01237 474780 or the National Call Centre on 0800 028 9000.

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40% less than the traditional high street depots call 07833 292 536
July 15, 2009

Andy – tyres north Devon writes Drivers might think they are saving money by not replacing their old, worn out tyres, but the truth is it can be a false economy.

Damaged or illegal tyres are not just a safety hazard, putting drivers and passengers at risk, because they affect the cars handling, they can also lead to costly problems.

In the last few months we’ve noticed police forces around the country have been carrying out safety check operations on our roads and handing out fixed penalty notices to a drivers with defective tyres.

But what a lot of motorists don’t realise is that as well as fines and points on their licence, if they have an accident and their tyres are illegal it can void their insurance policy.

In other cases where an accident happens, vehicle owners can lose their no-claims-bonus.

Nobody wants to splash out loads of money on new tyres, but by coming to etyres you can get premium or good quality tyres at up to 40% less than the traditional high street depots because our overheads are so low.

We operate a mobile tyre fitting service so we don’t have expensive depots to maintain and we pass the operational savings on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

And we save our customers time and hassle by fitting the tyres at a location of their choice, at home or work.

The summer has arrived

Andy – tyres north Devon writes: The summer has arrived and although most of us are looking forward to lovely sunny days and hot weather, it’s not all good news for our tyres.

The heat makes the air inside the tyres swell up and forces the pressure inside to expand – over-inflating your tyres and making them less reliable on the roads.

It’s absolutely vital l to have properly inflated tyres, because this assures the best possible contact between the tyre and the road.

Also, an improperly inflated tyre can heat excessively, potentially leading to a blow-out on the highway.

To check the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, check the manufacturers handbook or you can find it on the panel inside the driver’s side door jam. Adjust the level immediately if necessary and test the tyres once a week – and especially before a long journey.

Properly inflated tyres will also last longer, improve fuel mileage and reduce your carbon emissions – not bad for a few minutes work!