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“Found etyres on-line great home service”
Mr Goddard – Mazda MX5 tyres – Newport

“Nice and easy website was recommended by a friend”
Miss Murphy – Mini Cooper tyres – Newport

“Found etyres online needed a tyres price was good will be in contact for the next time”
Ms Cath Lefeuvre – 175/65/14/T 816 ENDURO – Newport

“I check everywhere before I buy tyres the etyres price was way less than all the places I phoned”
Mr wayne Snelgrove – 225/45/17/W KH31 KUMHO KH31 x2 – Newport

“We were looking for caravan tyres prices were good and the mobile fitting was easier”
Mrs Sue Wells – 175/80/14/C Maxmiler GT MAXX MILER x2 – Newport

“Having the tyres fitted like this is great will call again for the other two thanks”
Mr Richard Bullock – 215/45/17/W RE050 BRIDGESTONE RE050 x2 – Newport

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October 28, 2013

James tyres Newport writes-
The new tyres labelling system helps you the customer understand in full what the abilities of the tyres you are buying. This tyres labelling system is now the eu standard for all tyres sold in the uk and abroad, the new system helps all tyre company’s show there customers the quality of the tyres they are supplying and offers you the chance to get the best value for money when looking for tyres. The tyres labelling system shows the energy ratings that relate to rolling resistance, wet breaking that is shown in difference bands form A to G relating to +/- 18meters and the noise levels that the tyres equates to. All tyres information is given by national sales to point of purchase or displayed on the website, for tyres availability and prices call 0800 028 9000 or order online for the next day mobile tyre fitting service that comes to you.

October 20, 2013

James tyres Newport writes-
We at etyres would always recommend that if changing the tyres on a bmw especially with run-flat tyres to be aware that if the tyres on opposite sides are changed that the esp sometimes can be upset and cause the light to come on the dash. If the tyres are also replaced with none run-flat tyres this can also cause a problem similar to this, we strongly recommend that if the tyres are changed from run-flat tyres that all four are changed and not two as this causes the bmw to sometimes flash the fault on the dash. If in need of any further advise please call national sales for quires.



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