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Brilliant service from etyres – rang this morning, they’ve just come & changed my flat tyre. Easier than going to garage & cheaper. I asked Mark to check my other tyres to see if they needed changing and he didn’t put me under any pressure to change any others as they were all ok for now – what a lovely man!

SW18  11/5/11

Mark fitted 4 quality tyres to the work transit van for a fantastic price. The prompt, efficient and convenient service never interfered with my busy schedule and will be recommending him to all my friends, family and colleagues. Many thanks

DA  28/4/11

“So impressed with the fitter- he has to be commened. Phoned HO yesterday all went smoothly and fantastic that they could come out the next day. Just cant believe how easy it all was. I will use you all the time now”

DW 18/4/11

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Etyres was the UK’s first online tyre retailer and began selling tyres in Kingston in 1998. Since then thousands of satisfied customers have returned time and again to place repeat orders knowing that our tyres prices are up to 40% cheaper than the high street depots.

If Tyres Kingston is the search term you are looking for we are the people you need. We offer a local service covering Kingston and the surrounding areas, from Kew Bridge in the north to Tolworth in the south and Morden in the east to Hampton in the west. We also cover Surbiton, Twickenham, Teddington, New Malden, Morden and Worcester Park.

Anyone looking for tyres or car batteries in these areas is welcome to order online or through our national call centre on 0800 028 9000.

etyres Kingston. 88 Bushey Road, London SW20 0JH – 0845 644 5606


TyreSafe recommends fitting winter tyres
December 19, 2014

There is a lot of speculation about whether or not we are in for a White Christmas this year, but one thing is certain and that is you need your tyres to be in good condition to stay safe on the roads, whatever the weather.

This is why TyreSafe is recommending motorists fit winter tyres to their vehicles, because they are designed to provide better grip in cold and damp conditions compared with regular tyres.

TyreSafe also points out that winter tyres are ideal for British roads from October through to the spring, when temperatures rarely rise above 7 degrees Celsius, as well in rarer but more extreme conditions such as snow and ice.

Tests carried out by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at 5 degrees Celsius stopped five metres shorter, equivalent to more than one car length, when fitted with winter weather tyres.

etyres Kingston supply and fit a wide range of winter tyres to suit all budgets, including a full set of economy winter tyres starting from around £250. Our highly competitive prices are always low and our Discount Promise helps us to freeze our prices, because you get £25 off if you order four new tyres.

For more information about the advantages of fitting winter tyres check out our dedicated winter tyres section or watch our short video about the safety benefits of winter tyres. Alternatively call etyres Kingston now on 020 3292 0230 for expert and impartial advice and to check out our latest great prices.

The pressure is on to keep your tyres properly inflated
December 4, 2014

Goodyear has apparently developed self-inflating wheels that constantly maintain the perfect air pressure. How great is that – one less motoring issue to deal with. Unfortunately, the technology has not made it onto our vehicles yet so we still have to contend with remembering to check our tyre pressures as part of our general tyre maintenance routine.

Making sure your tyres are properly inflated is very important for your safety on the roads and also helps you keep motoring costs down, two very good reasons why you should check it at least once a month and especially before a long journey.

First let’s look at safety, correct tyre pressure is essential because excessive heat builds up inside incorrectly inflated tyres making them much more likely to suffer from a dangerous blowout. Equally, vehicle handling, cornering, acceleration and braking are all adversely affected if tyres are not inflated to the correct pressure.

Tyre wear is also affected when tyres are under-inflated, because their contact patch with the road surface is concentrated towards the two outer edges of the tread. This leads to rapid wear on the shoulders and reduced tyre life, further increasing your motoring costs. By running tyres at 80% of the recommended pressure, tyre life is reduced to around 75%. If the pressure falls to 60%, then you may achieve as little as 35% of your tyre’s potential mileage.

Finally, properly inflated tyres can help you save pounds at the pumps, because when tyres are under-inflated, their rolling resistance increases which means they need more energy or fuel to make them turn.

If you check your tyres regularly and notice your pressure keeps dropping it may well be a sign that you have a puncture. The earlier you pick up on this, the more likelihood there is that etyres Kingston will be able to carry out our puncture repair service for just £25, including VAT, which means you avoid causing further harm to your tyre, wheel and vehicle and save yourself the cost of buying a brand new tyre.