Fully mobile puncture repair service

All puncture repairs carried out by etyres are in compliance with the British Standard BS AU 159. Our fitters will always remove the tyre from the wheel to fully inspect any damage and judge whether a puncture can be safely repaired or not.

The good news is that statistically there is a high possibility that the tyre will be repairable. etyres offers a mobile puncture repair service at your home or work and in our experience around 60% of all punctures examined can be repaired safely and cheaply, without the need for a replacement tyre.

How to book a puncture repair

The cost of a mobile puncture repair is £25 (inc VAT) up to 17″ or £35 for 18″ and above and this includes our mobile service. It is normal practice to bring a replacement tyre with us so that if your tyre cannot be repaired, we can fit and balance a new tyre in the same visit to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

To book a puncture repair please call our National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000.

Further information about puncture repairs

For more information about puncture repairs please click on the links below. Alternatively call our National Sales Team on the numbers above, who will be happy to offer advice and guidance.

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Puncture repair terms and conditions

Each puncture repair booked is subject to the purchase of a replacement tyre. This is to ensure that if a repair is not possible a replacement tyre can be provided during the same visit. If a new tyre is required, the puncture repair charge will be waived since a new tyre will be fitted instead. If a new tyre is not needed, the charge will be incurred to cover the cost of the puncture repair but no further payment will be due since a new tyre will not be fitted. For clarification on these terms please call our National Sales Team on the numbers above.