Which? quizzes motorists about how they chose their new tyres

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Which? consumer experts have posed the question “Tyres: what’s more important to you – price or performance?”

Christofer Lloyd, Cars and Tech Researcher Transport & Travel, writes: “The only contact your car has with the road, are four patches of rubber. But how long do you take choosing which tyres to buy when you need new ones? And do you pay attention to tyre labels?”

Admittedly, some vehicle owners probably put more thought into what coffee to order at Costa than they do into which new tyres are right for their car. However, others will be influenced by price of the three key factors addressed in the tyre labels – fuel economy ratings, wet grip levels and noise levels.

According to a recent survey across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, most buyers don’t pay much attention to the new labelling when they are buying their new tyres, being swayed more by tyre retailers recommendations, price and brand loyalty – with the tyre’s performance proving less influential.

Lloyd admits he choses his new tyres after reading lots of different reviews: “…so I can be sure the tyres will suit my driving style. I don’t drive to save money, so I consider how well the tyre performs for the price rather than just looking at the price and ignoring performance.

“But what about you? Do you see tyres as the key part of your car or an unwanted expense to be dealt with as quickly and cheaply as possible?”

To take part in the Which? research into buying new tyres click here and join the debate.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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