Video highlights the safety benefits of Tyron bands

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Tyron bands have got to be one of the most effective primary safety devices ever invented. But it is not just caravan and motorhome owners who benefit from Tyron bands – motorists can also enjoy the safety benefits they offer.

To demonstrate the advantages of fitting to cars there is a great video you can view which shows how they work when a tyre blows.

By exploding a tyre with a remote control device, the video gives a clear understanding of how Tyron bands ensure the tyre stays attached to the wheel.

Having Tyron bands means motorists can retain full control of the car and can drive to a safe place.

And in addition, Tyron bands also protect the vehicles expensive alloy wheels from damage, which can save you a small fortune and they even help prevent wheelbox and bodywork damage caused by a flailing tyre

Tyron bands are a British invention originally designed for, and used by, the military. You can have the Tyron bands fitted to your existing wheels, giving your car, caravan or motorhome – in fact any vehicle with inflated tyres – limited run-flat capability and control in the event of a puncture or blow-out.

etyres are recommended by Tyron as approved suppliers and fitters of Tyron bands. Our mobile service means you can have your Tyron safety bands fitted to your car at a time and location to suit you, whether that is at your home or work.

You can view the video at

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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