Van-tastic achievement for Michelin Agilis tyres

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Need new van tyres? Well you might be interested in hearing about the Cumbria-based courier van which has clocked up a van-tastic 353,000 miles – that’s the equivalent of 14 trips round the world – on a pair of Michelin Agilis tyres.

Bryan Davidson had the 215/75 R 16C Agilis tyres fitted to the rear axle of his 2004 Citroen Relay LWB Hi-Roof van from new and have just been changed with the odometer reading 353,000 miles. The fronts lasted around 120,000 miles.

Mr Davidson, who operates his light haulage business from Cumbria and transports loads of up to one tonne around the UK and Europe, said: “I am amazed by the mileage achieved and there was actually still a reasonable amount of tread-life left in the tyres. The only reason I changed them was that I got a puncture in the left rear and decided to change the pair for peace-of-mind.”

The Michelin Agilis range includes various sizes to suit the majority of vans on the road and it also includes the Agilis Alpin winter version, designed for use where mobility in difficult driving conditions is an important factor.

In terms of environmental performance, in addition to offering the potential for very high mileages, most of the Michelin Agilis range is ‘GREEN X’ marked, meaning they benefit from Michelin’s low rolling resistance technologies to help reduce fuel consumption and reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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