UK motorists steer clear of eco cars, according to Bridgestone tyres survey

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By Alex Kapadia

Nearly a quarter of British motorists would steer clear of buying or driving an eco-friendly car, according to research carried out by a leading tyres manufacturer.

The study claims that 23 per cent of Briton’s would not consider buying or driving an eco-friendly vehicle and of that number, more than four in ten (42%) believe electric and hydrogen-powered cars and motorbikes would be a hassle to fill up or charge.

The findings come in an online poll commissioned by the 2010 Bridgestone Eco Rally – an event which took place earlier this month to showcase the latest in low and zero emission vehicle technology in a convoy from Brighton to London’s Hyde Park.

Sustainable transport has a huge role to play in combating climate change, but the survey reveals people in the city are reluctant to make the switch.

For example, 37% of this group believe low or zero emission vehicles would be too expensive to buy and 17% think they would be too expensive to run. Another concern for almost a third (32%) of these people in the UK is whether such a car or motorbike would be as powerful as a standard vehicle.

Quentin Willson, the respected TV motoring journalist who has driven in the last three Eco-Rallies, said: “These stats prove that there is a lot of confusion and myth about green cars, particularly about range, cost and performance. The biggest challenge is getting people to drive these cars. Once they do, all doubts evaporate.

“However, huge strides are being made in this area and we are keen to demonstrate at the
Bridgestone Eco Rally that sustainable motoring really has hit the mainstream. For motorists who want cheaper fuel and energy choices this is only event in the world that showcases just how clever, usable and desirable green cars have become.”

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