UK hotspots for tyres-slashing and other car vandalism

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Anyone who has had their tyres slashed or their car window smashed by mindless vandals knows how expensive and frustrating it can be.

But spare a thought for vehicle owners in the following areas, apparently they are the top car vandalism hotspots, according to claims data published by insurer Liverpool Victoria:

1. Enfield
2. South East London
3. Bournemouth
4. North West London
5. Brighton
6. Southall
7. Romford
8. Southend on Sea
9. Rochester
10. Edinburgh

According to Liverpool Victoria, which insures 2.8 million British cars, 54% of UK motorists have been the victim of vandalism and one in ten has experienced this type of crime in the past 12 months.

Keying is the most common type of vandalism and accounts for 33% of these crimes. Smashed windows make up 26% of incidents and slashed tyres represent 10% of the damage. Bent antennas, smashed mirrors or windscreens and graffiti are also common.

During the past year, vandals have caused a massive £953 million worth of damage to British vehicles — with drivers forking out an average £260 for repairs.

etyres has branches in all these areas and our fitters are a popular choice for victims of car vandalism, because our mobile service means they don’t have to move their car and risk further damage – we go to their home and fit their new tyres at their convenience.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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