Tyres strategy helps Vettel claim third F1 victory

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By Alex Kapadia

Reigning Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel claimed his third victory in four races at the Turkish Grand Prix today.

The Red Bull driver used a four stop strategy, but the director of motorsport for Pirelli tyres said they suspected could have won with just three stops.

Paul Hembery said: “We actually thought that Vettel could have won the race with three stops, but the comparatively short pit lane layout here in Istanbul meant that the performance advantage of an extra stop outweighed the 20 seconds or so spent in the pit lane.

“With the pace he had, Vettel could afford an extra stop, and that was clearly the decision taken by plenty of other teams as well.”

He added: “We obviously develop tyres that have to suit 20 different circuits this year, and the demands of Turn Eight in particular mean that Istanbul Park is definitely at the upper limit of what we are working with in terms of tyre wear.

“So we’re pleased that the tyres stood up to the challenge so well, giving the teams plenty of scope to utilise different strategies.”

After crashing on Friday and missing the second free practice session, the Red Bull racer Vettel used a four-stop strategy to convert his pole position in Turkey to victory.

Leading from start to finish, Vettel was the only driver not to be involved in the lively overtaking battles that characterised the race.

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