Tyres Firm Praised for Service and Integrity!

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A tyres customer who saved £175 by coming to etyres has sent us an email praising our service and our tyres fitter’s integrity!

This is what Steve in Nottingham had to say after we fitted his £65.80 Avon tyre: “I called etyres following a quote from a well known National tyre company of £240 to put two tyres on my Corsa run around which I had taken to them to get a puncture fixed.

“There was a bit of a delay in getting to me but what a result when the fitter did. He confirmed my view that tyre no 2 was OK, but also was of the opinion that the puncture in tyre no 1 was repairable. He did this at no charge on the basis that I was already a customer.

“I am really impressed. Integrity is a rare commodity in today’s world. MP’s and bankers don’t appear to have any, but etyre fitters do.

“You will be fitting all our tyres on an exclusive basis as of now. I will also be emailing friends to let them know about your company.”

We are regularly called out to customers who have been told by high street depots and garages that they need new tyres, when the old ones are perfectly fine. 

But we believe it is better to be honest and have a customer for life, than to make an unnecessary sale.

Sabrina, National Call Centre

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