Tyres and shoes are a perfect fit when it comes to anti-slip innovation

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Whether venturing out onto icy paths or roads, the last thing you want to do is slip and slide all over the place, which is why we often make the analogy between footwear and tyres.

Now Hankook tyres has taken this idea a step further and joined forces with Vibram, a major footwear company, to collaborate on five new products, including two off-road concept tyres, the DynaMIX and DynaSYNC which utilise the footwear design.

Meanwhile, Vibram has been able to integrate the cutting-edge tyre technologies gleaned from Hankook into three new concept shoes, the DynaTREK, DynaSTRYKE BKL and Omnifuse.

The jointly developed products are on display this week at the Hankook tyre booth at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Hankook’s DynaMIX and DynaSYNC were inspired by the flexible blocks found on the outer soles of Vibram’s hiking shoes. These blocks are designed to change their contact positions in response to variations in ground surface. The use of different layer structures also allows for multiple style choices.

The DynaMIX tyres take advantage of Vibram’s Ultra-light 3D Cocoon Technology. Multi-direction geometric dimensional blocks serve to protect the tyres from road impacts. At the same time, traction, block stability and flexibility are improved while sidewall weights are reduced. The DynaMIX’s three-dimensional tread pattern excels in tough off-road conditions.

The texture and design of particular tread blocks in the pattern have also been tailored to maximise overall performance. The glitter surface of the tyre is polished, which enhances handling and wet performance, while at the same time promoting greater control at faster speeds. Finally, the geometric sidewalls integrate Hankook’s wet-tech holes, enabling the sidewalls to achieve greater flexibility and disperse shocks.

The DynaSYNC utilises Vibram’s iconic Carrarmato lugs design on its tread pattern to improve traction in mountainous terrain. The honeycomb structure prevents puncture or tyre chips due to gravel or stones, which improves shock absorption and provides powerful and safe handling.

An added style bonus is that the sidewall comes in a variety of colour compounds, allowing car owners to coordinate their tyres to their bodywork. Its dual-layered sidewall structure prevents cracking by enhancing block stiffness and reducing severe deformations during cornering and high-speed manoeuvres.

Seung Hwa Suh, vice chairman and CEO of Hankook tyres, commented: “This joint project fits ideally with our ongoing commitment to investing in technological innovations and performance-oriented designs.

“Moreover, from a macro-perspective, the project reflects Hankook Tire’s longstanding core company value – progressive innovation. This momentum will be carried forward in the future as the company continues to take an authentic, meaningful approach to meeting the challenges of future driving experience.”

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