Smart Car Attracts the Ladies

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It seems that success with the ladies can be achieved by keeping your car in good order. According to a report from a leading tyre retailer a smart car may be more important than stylish clothes or a finely honed physique.

The tyre company’s research showed that 44 percent of women are influenced in their choice of partner by the state of his car. In what may be seen as a staggering indictment of the shallowness of British women, the report claims that 750 thousand women admit that they have dated a man simply because they liked is car. Equally worrying is the fact that 330,000 British women stated that they had continued a relationship because they liked their partner’s car. Another 230,000 admitted that they had dumped their partner because of the state of his car.

It appears that dirty paintwork and bald tyres are a real turn-off for a fair percentage of the fair sex. Of course, we, more profound, males would not be interested in such shallow partners, unless her bodywork was equally good.

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