Shocking consequences of a tyre blowout!

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This was the shocking sight that greeted etyres Walsall when they were called out to a shaken customer who had suffered a tyre blowout!

Fortunately nobody was injured when the Nissan Qashqai tyre burst, but their customer was left extremely shaken and this serves as a disturbing reminder that all drivers must regularly check their tyres to make sure they are in a safe and legal condition.

According to etyres Walsall: “Our fitter Shaun went out to a customer today who had a blow out on her Nissan Qashqai tyre – this was what was left, very frightening.

“We had the call on Saturday morning from the driver. She had just got on to the motorway on the way home from work when she realised something was not right with her vehicle. She had suffered a blow out and phoned the RAC who picked up what was left of the tyre from the side of the motorway, put it in her boot and got her home safely.

“Although the RAC had said they could transport the vehicle to a garage to have a new tyre fitted, our customer decided to do a bit of research online and discovered etyres Walsall. Our low prices and mobile tyre fitting service saved her time, hassle and money!

“Our customer was particularly happy, because not only had she got the new tyre fitted, but her partner had been away when the blowout occurred and while she normally left car maintenance type tasks to him, she had to get it sorted out herself. And it couldn’t have been easier!”

Blowouts are often caused by under-inflated tyres, this is because when there is not enough air in a tyre it flattens a bit at the bottom as the tyre rolls preventing the tyre from supporting the weight of the vehicle.

Other causes of tyre blowouts include overloading the vehicle and impact damage from hitting a kerb or pothole.

It is important to carry out regular maintenance checks on your tyre tread depths, air pressure and general condition, especially ahead of a long journey.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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