Shell Advises Motorists to Check Tyres and Follow Other Tips to Save Fuel

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By Oliver Hall

Shell is urging motorists to follow simple fuel saving tips, like checking tyres pressure, to get value for money at the pumps.

The message is part of their commitment to an international initiative to help drivers save on fuel, which was driven home at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Lausitz, Germany.

Along with keeping tyres at the right pressure, Shell has also been advocating driving smoothly, using higher gears, removing excess weight and tuning and servicing the engine regularly.

Andrea Schutze, who is responsible for developing fuels for Shell, said mankind would surely invent more fuel efficient cars and fuels to power them, and “we will continue to be amongst the leaders in fuel innovation.

“But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fuel millions of drivers put in their tanks today — and the way it’s used. Thinking about both will help us use fuel responsibly.”

According to Niel Golightly, Shell’s vice president of communications and sustainability, the company is building on its commitment made in 2007 to help drivers save 10 per cent or more fuel.


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