Safety Neglected

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By Andrew Williams,
Contributing Editor

Tyres get taken for granted. It seems that most motorists give little thought to their tyres until they are told that its time for a change. Nationwide breakdown service Autonational Rescue is appealing to drivers to pay more attention to their tyres.

According to their marketing manager Ronan Hart, ?Tyres appear to be one of the most neglected areas of the vehicle but they can be a life saver. They should be checked regularly for damage or any signs of wear and tear. It?s not sufficient to give them an occasional kick to check pressure or a cursory glance at the tread.?

Autonational advise that drivers should examine their tyres regularly, even if only to check the wear strip. This is moulded into the tyre grooves, and defines the legal tread depth. Ensuring that the tread depth satisfies the legal requirement has a significant impact on the stopping distance of a vehicle, but also, importantly, it has legal implications. An illegal tread depth could result in a fine of

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