Praise for mobile tyres fitting firm in Slough

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We have just had a thank you email from a delighted customer who thought he needed a couple of new tyres.

After turning up with the new tyres, our fitter from the Slough branch discovered that Alan from Ruislip only needed one.

This is what Alan had to say: “Your operator turned up promptly and was very efficient and ensured the area was clean and tidy prior to leaving.

“Only one tyre was actually fitted, I had misread the date code on one of the tyres so it actually did not need replacing. Your operator said the invoice be would adjusted as necessary. Thanks again.”

Every week our teams around the country are called to replace tyres which customers have been told by a garage need to be be changed. Fortunately, they have had the foresight to tell the garage that they will get back to them and have often gone online to get a cheaper price – which leads them to us.

As soon as we see the tyre is safe and legal, we will tell the customer that they do not need a new tyre just yet and they will not be charged.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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