Praise for etyres mobile tyre fitting service from caravan owner ‘in distress’

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Customer recommendations are very important to us, because they help to spread the word about our mobile tyre fitting service and, crucially, affirm that we are delivering the level of service we strive to achieve.

etyres has received more than 12,000 five-star comments on Trustpilot, the independent online shopping review site, written by customers who have experienced our nationwide service and are happy to share their experiences.

We were delighted to read this post by Natalie Streater, who used our etyres Colchester branch, and wrote under the headline ‘Could not be more pleased – Colchester’:

“I bought an old caravan which had been sitting in a garden for fifteen years. As you can imagine, the tyres were past their best. With very short notice, my ETYRES representative arrived on time, looking smart and professional. He greeted me with a broad smile and quickly assured me that what I was viewing as a disaster on wheels was no problem and to stop worrying. With care and attention, he up-ended the caravan, changed and balanced the tyres and explained what he had done and how I should care for the wheels from now on. What a champ! And at an incredibly good price for the service I had. If he is the face of the company, as a whole, I would recommend them to anyone, especially middle-aged ladies in distress. Thank you ETYRES.”

Our mobile tyre fitting service is very popular with caravan and motorhome owners, because it means they do not have the hassle of taking their vehicle to a garage or fast-fit depot and manoeuvring into a cramped bay. We can fit new caravan and motorhome tyres at our customers home or their storage site.

For more information about etyres mobile tyre fitting service or to order new tyres contact etyres on 0800 010 9000 or 0333 323 9000 for a low cost call from a mobile phone.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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