Pirelli tyres bring hard and medium compounds to US Grand Prix

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Pirelli tyres is taking its hard and medium compounds to the United States Grand Prix this weekend for the penultimate race of the season.

It is the same tyres combination used last year when the race was held for the first time in Texas.

The P Zero Orange hard and P Zero White medium tyres have been chosen to cope with the demands of the extremely varied Austin circuit, which puts plenty of energy through the tyres by alternating fast and flowing sections with some slower and more technical parts.

The race is a very good test of the Pirelli tyres all-round ability, with traction demands out of slow corners just as important as lateral grip through the high-speed changes of direction that are another key characteristic of the 5.513-kilometre Circuit of the Americas.

Paul Hembery, director of motorsport for Pirelli tyres, said: “The hard and medium tyres are the best choice for the United States Grand Prix, because it’s a circuit that places several high-energy demands on the tyres, so you need the most durable compounds in the range.

“There are some fast corners and many rapid elevation changes as well: in that respect it’s a bit like Spa. When you have more energy going through the tyre, you have a bigger heat build-up – which is what increases wear and degradation.

“Now that we’re coming to the USA for the second time we have a better idea of what to expect, whereas last year – when we also nominated the hard and the medium – it was much more of a step into the unknown.

“This year’s compounds are softer, so we would expect around two pit stops in the race, depending also on the rate of track evolution.

“Even though it’s November we’re still likely to have warm weather, which obviously affects thermal degradation too.

“Formula One received an absolutely fantastic welcome from the American public last year, which made it a truly memorable race, and we’re very much looking forward to going back to a country full of great F1 fans, which is also a key market for our Ultra High Performance tyres.”

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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