Pirelli switches tyres for Brazilian Grand Prix following wet tyre controversy

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Pirelli has changed its mind about the tyres it is taking to the Brazilian Grand Prix for next weekends Formula One spectacle following days of criticisms and grumblings from drivers.

After a meeting of the Tyre Working Group, the sports sole tyre supplier has revealed that although the hard and medium compound combination has been used in Brazil for the last two years, the recent resurfacing of the Interlagos track has prompted the change to medium and soft.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli tyres, said: “We’ve always said that we would be open to any changes if they were required. After further technical analysis of the impact of the revised circuit surface, together with a risk assessment suggesting a low probability of compound overheating due to extreme track temperatures, we have made this change with the unanimous agreement of all 11 teams.”

However, the announcement comes shortly after Williams driver Felipe Massa criticised the choice. “Dangerous, very dangerous,’ he told reporters. “I have no idea why they chose medium and hard and it’s completely unacceptable.”

It also follows comments from Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver told the BBC Sport that the limitations of the current (full) wets are forcing drivers to switch to Inters even though conditions might still be too wet for them.

“They’re not great tyres, that’s no secret,” Hamilton said. “There’s always going to be spray but we need to work hard. It’s an area that’s not always focused on so much. The slicks are always being improved and worked on but there is not so much focus on the wet. You want a tyre that clears the water. And not forcing us to go on to the inter because it’s so much quicker when it’s probably not safe enough to do so is something I think the FIA and Pirelli will work on.”

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