Pirelli debuts its 2015 Formula 1 tyres

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Pirelli revealed its new tyres for the 2015 Formula 1 season earlier this week following the 2014 season-closing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

There were no dedicated Pirelli test days so each team concentrated on its own independent programme as part of the sessions and took full advantage of the opportunity to put the medium, soft and supersoft compounds through their paces.

Described by Pirelli as ‘an evolution of the existing tyre rather than a new departure’, the tyres were given ‘positive feedback’ from drivers following their first taste of the 2015 P Zero specification.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli tyres, commented: “We’ve been very pleased to hear the initial impressions from the drivers of our new tyres, which suggest that the improvements we have aimed for are already taking effect.

“We’ve made a few small alterations: in particular to the belt area of the rear tyre that sits in the footprint. This new construction optimises the temperature distribution through the tyre in order to distribute heat more evenly, which should lead to more consistent performance and better traction.

“We’ve also got a new supersoft compound on the rear, which is designed to improve mechanical resistance. Our objectives with the 2015 tyres remain the same as they have always been: to provide between two and three pit stops per race.

“One of the biggest factors of course will be the way that the cars improve: we’re expecting to see cars that are a second per lap or more faster than the 2014 cars next year, and this obviously will impact on tyre behaviour.”

The next test will take place at the first official pre-season session of the year, from 1-4 February at Jerez in southern Spain. Following that, there will be just two more sessions in Barcelona from February 19-22 and February 26-March 1 before the season starts.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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