One in 10 cars haven’t had their tyres checked for a year

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As the UK edges closer to the official start of winter, it is more important than ever that motorists ensure their vehicles – and in particular, their tyres – can handle the hazardous conditions that lie ahead.

Yet more than 62 per cent of the British drivers are unaware of the legal minimum tyre tread depth and one in ten (12 per cent) haven’t checked their tyres in the last year, according to research carried out by leading used car website NFDA Trusted Dealers.

In a survey of 1,000 motorists just over a third of motorists quizzed about how regularly they undertake essential tyre maintenance admitted knowing the minimum tyre tread depth should be 1.6mm. When equated to the 30m motorists on British roads this means more than 18m drivers have no idea if their tyres are roadworthy. o

The research also revealed a shocking 12.4 per cent of drivers last checked their tyre tread depth more than a year ago – even though fortnightly checks are advised to ensure safety and avoid potential fines of up to £2,500 plus three penalty points per illegal tyre.

Neil Addley, director of franchised dealer-owned used car website NFDA Trusted Dealers, commented: “It’s worrying that so many drivers are unaware of how to ensure their tyres are roadworthy, particularly when you consider the fact that these four pieces of rubber are the only things separating you from the road.

“As we approach the winter months, tread depth becomes even more important. Although 1.6mm is the minimum legal tread depth, we often advise investing in new tyres once the tread reaches 3mm to ensure safety. You can reduce stopping distance by more than a car length when breaking on tyres with a 3mm tread depth, rather than the legal minimum of 1.6mm. We’d always recommend drivers replace their tyres before they become fully worn.

“An easy way to safeguard against dangerous tyres is to remember to check tread depth and tyre pressure the first time you fill up with fuel each month.”

etyres, the UK’s number one online mobile tyre fitting retailer, has created a short video which shows motorists how to check their tyre tread depths in a matter of minutes.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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