New Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT

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The SP Sport Maxx TT is the latest addition to Dunlop’s ultra high-performance range. The tyre boasts the addition of DuPont Kevlar Engineered Elastomer. Kevlar is a fibre that is stronger, and lighter, than steel. Its addition gives a stiffer side-wall, which is highly resistant to tension, torsion and heat, giving greater stability in cornering.

The tyre also has a flatter tread profile, giving up to 8 percent more road contact, which again enhances stability in all road conditions. The tyre has proved very competitive when compared to other tyres in its sector. In tests it has outperformed all competitors in both wet and dry conditions.

According to Frederic Schilling, Brand Director of Dunlop Europe, Middle East and Africa: “Dunlop’s ultra high performance tyres have long been the benchmark in performance driving. At Dunlop we are driven by creating innovation in tyre technology and we are therefore proud to introduce the new SP Sport Maxx TT with DuPont™ Kevlar® technology, as it confirms yet another innovation in tyre technology for us.”

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