Michelin tyres set to roll out new advertising campaign in UK

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By Denna Bowman

Michelin are set to roll out an “unconventional” advertising campaign across the UK to promote the advantages of using their tyres.

The tyres manufacturer is promoting the message ‘the right tyre changes everything’ with the launch of billboards, an online interactive game featuring the Michelin Man and a viral movie.

A fully animated presentation has been developed, featuring the Michelin Man who comes to the aid of motorists in trouble, replacing their inefficient tyres with Michelin tyres pulled from his body.

The campaign, which kicks off next week, also features a new dark, viral movie depicting motorists being attacked by out of control petrol pumps and an interactive on-line game in which the Michelin man battles with the Evil Fuel Pump.

Hoardings and billboards will spread the message in major cities throughout the UK, including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

And a microsite with an on-line fuel calculator and fuel saving tips will also be launched during the UK roll out.

Peter Snelling, Michelin UK’s head of communications, said: “We are looking forward to the UK launch of the new campaign which marks quite a change in direction in terms of previous campaigns.

“Michelin has decided to launch an unconventional global campaign to explain to consumers the benefits of using its tyres.

“Michelin tyres simultaneously deliver enhanced braking performance, greater longevity and superior fuel efficiency.

“The campaign shows that by using the right tyre, consumers can reduce fuel consumption, increase driving safety and extend tread life, something no other brand of tyre can achieve.”

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