Kia Selects Michelin for Fuel Efficiency

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Korean car-manufacturers Kia has selected Michelin tyres to be fitted on all additions to their cee’d range of vehicles. The deciding factor in their selection was Michelin’s dedication to the production of tyres that are fuel-efficient. Kia intend to develop the cee’d range with an eye to lowering the vehicle’s environmental impact.

The partnership between Kia and Michelin dates back to 2006, and is based on shared concerns about the environment and safety issues. Kia claim that the tyres could contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption of about 0.2 litres per 100 kilometres driven, and a reduction in CO2 emissions of five grams per kilometre. The synergy between the two companies stems from the desire to meet three criteria – superior mileage, greater fuel efficiency and enhanced safety.

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