Ingear reader feels let down by run-flat tyres

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Run-flat tyres have turned out to be a real thorn in the side of a Sunday Times reader who made his views known in a letter published in the ingear section yesterday.

This is what Mr Seamons from Swansea had to say: “Although I love my Toyota RAV4 T180, I fail to understand why Toyota – or indeed any other brand – insists on sticking with run-flat tyres. I recently had a puncture that would have been easy to repair on any other tyre but a run-flat variety. In fact, the problems with these tyres unravelled as I tried to have the puncture repaired.

“First, you can only travel about 100 miles on them, which is a problem if you live further away. Second, only Toyota dealers will look at your tyres. Third, if it’s after-hours on a Saturday you can’t do anything until Monday, and then, as in my case, you are told they are fully booked for a week. Fourth, it seems repairs to run-flat tyres are never carried out: the ‘integrity’ of the tyre wall always seems to be a problem, so a new tyres is fitted – which is very expensive, at £240 a time.

“Reading comments on the internet, there are many more drivers with similar experiences. I have kept my Bridgestone Dueler tyre. It’s like new, and I would welcome any comments from Toyota or Bridgestone as to why they think these tyres are a good idea for the environment, or an owner who is not only greatly inconvenienced but also out of pocket.

“I would strongly advise anyone buying a car with run-flat tyres to think long and hard before doing so.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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