Iconic Michelin Tyres Man Gets Red Carpet Treatment

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By Oliver Hall

The Michelin Man is awarded recognition as more than just an icon for the Michelin tyres brand at the world’s most prestigious global awards competition.

The French tyres maker’s creation will feature in the Ad Icon Walk of Fame, a special red carpet event organised as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the CLIO Awards.

The event aims to recognise and honour legendary brand creations and will be held today at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

According to the French firm the honour marks the Michelin Man out as a dynamic ambassador for the brand.

A Michelin statement says: “For more than 110 years, the Michelin Man has served as the tyre company’s champion of “better mobility,” improving the transportation of people and goods, while respecting the environment and promoting road safety.

“The Michelin Man’s adventurous life began in 1898 with two visionary brothers, André and Edouard Michelin and the artful paintbrush of French poster artist Marius O’Galop.

“The Michelin Man first appeared on an advertising poster in 1898 and has continued to be an integral part of Michelin communications in over 100 countries and on 5 continents. From the beginning, he has been a confident companion, a problem-solver and a trusted advisor.

“He is made of 26 tyres – which he has even shared with stranded motorists. He has been an astronaut, a stunt driver, a tyre inspector and a dancer, doing everything with a helpful spirit, confidence and good humour that has helped define him for generations.”

The world renowned CLIO Awards are given to reward creative excellence in advertising and design.

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