Hair-raising statistics highlight problem of driving on bald tyres!

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British drivers suffer from horrendous baldness…but the problem has nothing to do with their hair!

Bald tyre replaced by etyres Ipswich

It’s their tyres that are the root of the issue, like this one which was recently replaced by etyres Ipswich.

Data obtained by, the leading insurance comparison site, reveals that:

• One in four (23%) MOTs are failed by defective tyres, with ‘bald’ tyres being the most common tyre-related reason for rejection

• Over 32,000 penalty points were handed out to almost 9,000 drivers with defective tyres in 2016

• One in three (35%) found out they were driving with bald tyres at the garage

• Almost three quarters (73%) say they know how to check their tyres – yet only a quarter (26%) know the legal tread depth

The statistics prove that UK drivers put themselves at risk of paying up to £27 million in fines in 2016, with new research revealing 2.5 million drivers failed their MOT tests for driving with bald or defective tyres.

And the comparison firm said the issue may only get worse with the Department for Transport currently considering extending the MOT period for new cars from three to four years.

Motorists who have breached the law have been forced to pay £2,700 on average for driving with bald or defective tyres, with many also being hit with six points on their driving licence and an alarming 38% finding themselves disqualified from driving as a result.

Given that only 3% of drivers know they can be fined up to £2,500 per tyre, it may be unsurprising that some have little urgency when it comes to getting them replaced. Of those who discovered their car had defective tyres, over a quarter (26%) had them replaced over a week later, with almost one in 10 (9%) waiting more than a month to have them corrected.

Most shocking is the distance some motorists are prepared to drive with bald or defective tyres, with the average motorist taking six trips in the car and driving 13 miles before having them replaced.

Despite the repercussions, convenience appears to be the main reason why motorists are continuing to drive after realising their tyres are illegal. More than a third (34%) did not get their tyres changed straight away because they didn’t have time, while a quarter (24%) said they could not afford it at the time. And a further quarter (23%) said the garage could not fit them in sooner.

Fortunately, etyres, the UK’s leading online mobile tyre fitting company, supply and fit a wide range of tyres to suit all vehicles and budgets, including economy, mid-range and all the premium brands, such as Michelin and Bridgestone.

Also, etyres operate a mobile tyre fitting service which means customers can have their new tyres fitted at their home or work at a time that suits them, even on the same day, subject to availability.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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