EV drivers urged to consider their car tyres to boost fuel efficiency and range

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There is a great article posted on the Green Car Website urging electric vehicle (EV) owners to put some thought into maintaining their car tyres if fuel economy or miles per charge are their priority.

Writer Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield makes the point that “spending some time taking care of your car tyres every week can seriously pay off in terms of improved range, better handling, and smoother ride quality”.

She adds: “At this point, I’m going to assume you already know that tyre pressure checking should be part of your weekly maintenance schedule for any car, along with a visual inspection of each wheel and tyre. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure not only ensures that your car handles as the manufacturer intended in all conditions, but it can also ensure your tyres last as long as they should, wear evenly and keep you safe.”

Incorrect tyre pressure and tyre wear will affect the fuel economy of any car, but with an EV — where distance per charge is far less than the distance per tank of fuel — any problems with the car tyres will seriously impact range. This is largely due to rolling resistance, which is the force resisting the movement of a body when it rolls along a surface.

Under-inflated car tyres increase the rolling resistance. The higher the rolling resistance, the more energy is wasted trying to push the car down the road, reducing your cars effective range per charge. While over-inflated car tyres can improve rolling resistance and increase range, the downside is that the grip will suffer making the car less controllable in an emergency situation or poor weather.

Gordon-Bloomfield writes: “It might be tempting to over-inflate your EV’s tyres, but believe me, keeping them at the manufacturer’s recommended levels will not only improve the ride quality (over-inflated tyres generally produce a harsher ride) but you’ll find your tyres last longer and your car handles better.”

She also urges motorists to make sure their car tyres have an even tread depth of at least 1.6 mm across the surface of each wheel — otherwise you’ll need to order some new car tyres.

While many car owners who need new car tyres usually stick to the brand fitted as Original Equipment by the manufacturer, Gordon-Bloomfield points out that just like electric car and battery technology, car tyres technology is evolving at an astonishing rate, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. She recommends checking for the latest tyre developments when it’s time to change your EV’s tyres.

“Recently, brands like Michelin have even engineered tyres specifically for EV use, while many other companies offer A+ rated tyres,” according to Gordon-Bloomfield.

“Of course, any brand and any type of tyre — provided it’s the right physical size — should fit on your EV’s wheels. But before opting for the cheaper no-name brands with lower energy ratings, or paying extra for the ultra-grippy sports ones, think twice about what you use your EV for, and what you want most in a tyre.

“Most of the time, it’ll be range. So make sure you research before you buy.”

To read the full article go to thegreencarwebsite.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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