EU tyre labelling regulation is set to be enforced by the National Measurement Office

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By Denna Bowman

The benefits of EU tyre labelling legislation introduced last November look set to be properly assessed with the news that the National Measurement Office (NMO) has been named as the enforcement body of the new regulation.

The NMO will monitor the effective implementation of tyre labelling, which was introduced in the UK in November 2012, and which grades tyres in three key categories – wet braking, fuel efficiency and noise emission.

The organisations remit also includes scope to carry out retail checks, as well as monitoring the authenticity and accuracy of the labels themselves, according to Tyres and Accessories.

The UK government and the tyre industry has been taking positie steps during the last six months to implement and raise public awareness of the new tyre labelling law and it is hoped that the NMO will be able to start assessing the real effects the legislation has had on how tyres are bought and sold.

The tyre labelling legislation was introduced to help motorists make a more informed decision about the tyres they chose. It also aims to improve road safety and reduce the environmental impact of road transport.

The tyre labelling regulation states that every car or van tyre manufactured in the UK after 1 July must now carry a label displaying its performance in three key areas — wet braking, fuel efficiency and noise emission.

The information must appear on every tyre, whether it is economy, mid-range or a premium brand, allowing consumers to see for themselves how each tyre compares against its rivals.

etyres created a useful guide to help motorists interpret the tyre labelling regulation and its National Sales Team is fully trained to offer impartial advice and information to help customers chose the right tyre for their car, driving needs and budget on 0800 028 9000.

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