Ebay Tyres Unsafe

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A survey commissioned by Continental Tyres has revealed the dangers of buying second-hand tyres on eBay. The company sampled van tyres offered for sale on the internet site, and found that the vast majority were either poorly marked or potentially dangerous.

Having purchased the tyres, they were inspected by Continental’s technical tyre consultants, who found that the tyres did not comply with current EU tyre regulations. The consultants reported that none of the tyres were labeled as part worn, and 73 percent were potentially dangerous. In addition 27 percent were totally unroadworthy.

Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe, welcomed the survey saying, “Once again Continental has pinpointed a serious situation with regard to tyre safety”. Continental’s General Manager Technical Services, Roger Sanders, commented: “Our objective in conducting these tests is to highlight the potential dangers of purchasing second hand tyres from the internet and the findings are worrying. We feel that much more needs to be done to educate both the buyers and sellers of these tyres on the legal requirements for part worn tyres, so that we can avoid situations where road users are putting themselves and others at risk”.

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