Don’t gamble on your safety this winter – check your tyres

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The bookmakers are getting set to cut the odds of a White Christmas this year thanks to the recent bout of cold weather. Of course, nobody really knows what the weather has in store for us on December 25, but one thing is a dead certainty, you need your tyres to be in tip-top condition if you are venturing out on the roads for the holidays.

It is never worth gambling with your safety, which is why it is important to carry out regular inspections on your tyres especially during the winter months when bad weather can lead to more hazardous driving conditions. So be a wise motorists and follow these steps now:

1. Tread depth – the legal limit for tread depth on tyres is 1.6mm and if you are not sure how to check this, click here and watch our short video which shows you exactly what to do. It is also worth remembering that many motoring and safety experts recommend a minimum of 3mm for wet weather safety

2. Tyre pressure – having the correct tyre pressure and will maximise your tyres ability to maintain their road grip and minimise your risk of being involved in an accident. Find the correct level for your vehicle in your drivers handbook.

3. Condition – make sure your tyres are not already damaged, because this could lead to slow punctures or blowouts at speed. Look out for cuts, bulges and objects like nails or stones embedded in the rubber

For ultimate peace of mind you could opt to fit a set of winter tyres to your vehicle, not only do they offer much better performance on snow and ice covered roads, they are also more effective at dispelling water on the roads and therefore reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

etyres supply and fit a wind range of winter tyres to suit all budgets and our prices start from around £250 for a set of economy range winter tyres.

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