The dangers of fitting part worn tyres exposed in Sunday Mirror investigation

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The dangers of fitting potentially lethal part worn tyres have been exposed in an alarming Sunday Mirror investigation which highlights the threats faced by UK motorists.

The dangers of part worn tyres highlighted with investigations into secondhand tyre dealers

Official figures reveal that 989 people were killed or seriously injured in accidents involving illegal or defective tyres during the past five years. However, millions of part worn tyres are still being sold and fitted by unscrupulous dealers, despite being damaged, illegally repaired or incorrectly labelled.

The Sunday Mirror teamed up with TyreSafe to carry out checks on second hand tyres being sold in County Durham. It revealed that:

* six of seven tyres examined had faults
* the only legal tyre was over 18 years old
* five tyres had no official “part worn” stamp, which deems them illegal
* two tyres were seriously damaged due to under-inflation
* two tyres had damaged to the bead
* one tyre contained water, indicating hit had not been stored correctly

A spokesman for TyreSafe warned: “Competence among used tyre retailers is questionable. The majority of used tyres are not properly inspected.

“A tyre is classed as a waste product until it’s been fully checked. Our advice is to buy new tyres when possible.”

TyreSafe has repeatedly warned motorists that “part worn tyres = part safe”. The dangers may be hidden from view, but the warnings are becoming increasingly stark and clear.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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