Controversial New Tyres Bill Slammed by Industry Group

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By Denna Bowman

A new law which would make it illegal for tyres dealers not to reveal the details of a tyres age to customers in California has been blasted by a leading industry group.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association criticised the California Assembly tyres aging bill for being inconsistent, contradictory and fear-mongering.

And the RMA said it will also only serve to drum up business for the bill’s primary supporters – trial lawyers.

Dan Zielinski, senior vice president of public affairs for the RMA, said: “Proponents of this bill use fear-mongering to allege that tyres reaching a certain chronological age are dangerous.

“But the bill is inconsistent in its application.”

Vehicle sales from an auto dealer or private party are exempt from the notification requirement, it noted, as are replacement tyre sales from auto dealers.

Mr Zielinksi added: “These exemptions make the measure contradictory on its face and are implicit acknowledgement that chronological tire age alone is not a hazard.”

He also argued that the bill “would only benefit trial lawyers by creating a new roadmap to sue California tyre dealers.

“The measure makes inaccurate statements about tyre performance and imposes new burdens on tire retailers in a particularly unfortunate economic climate.”

Supporters of the measure claim that tires reaching a certain age are a potential safety hazard and say the notification is necessary to prevent older tires from being placed into service.

The bill will be introduced in the California Senate in a few days, because June 5 is the deadline for bills passed in the California Assembly to be transferred to the Senate.

The bill passed by a 41-28 vote in the 80-member assembly, meaning 41 votes is the least a bill can receive and still pass.

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