Conti tyres strive to develop direct TPMS

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By Denna Bowman

Continental tyres has announced that it is focusing on developing “direct” Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Directly measuring tyre inflation offers enhanced benefits to the vehicle manufacturer, to the driver, and to the environment, the company stressed in a press statement.

Continental is also recommending that car manufacturers worldwide consider the use of direct measuring technology in their new car models to ensure that vehicle tyres are always inflated to an optimum level.

This recommendation is owed to steadily rising requirements to tire pressure measurement. It also reflects the significant potential of direct measuring technology, making it possible to exploit the greater contribution to CO2 reduction.

Helmut Matschi, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and Head of the Interior division, said: “Direct tyre pressure monitoring is a showcase of how many benefits a vehicle manufacturer and driver can harvest when the technology choice is made taking the whole system into account.

“Direct measuring technology is superior in speed and accuracy on an immediate function level. But when you look at the additional driving safety and comfort that can be created on the system level if using sensors inside the tire, this builds a strong case for direct pressure measurement.”

“Direct” Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are based on a sensor inside each tyre to collect fast, direct and accurate readings of the air pressure and temperature at any time, under any road condition, and at any driving speed.

While “indirect” TPMSs calculate air pressure based on information from the wheel speed sensors.

According to Continental this indirect principle will not be sufficient to ensure the intended fuel economy levels and is therefore not capable enough to help to meet the European CO2 targets.

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