Congratulations to our ‘Millionth Order’ customer!

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We were delighted to meet up with etyres customer Mrs Miller, who received her Continental tyres for free after placing our landmark Millionth Order!

“I was already very happy to place my order with etyres, because your price was all inclusive and you were able to come to my home at the weekend and fit the tyres,” Mrs Miller explained, “so then finding out they were free made the whole experience even better!”

Mrs Miller, who was also presented with a bouquet of flowers by Tony Bowman, etyres Managing Director, had her Continental tyres fitted at her home on Saturday morning by etyres Bishops Stortford.

“The last time I had tyres fitted I used a traditional high street depot,” Mrs Miller continued, “but I really didn’t like the fact that they tried to pressure me into paying for extras, like tracking, which I knew I didn’t need.

“However, I was prepared to spend a bit more money on premium brand tyres like Continentals, because I wanted to be sure my car was safe, especially in the wet.”

Mrs Miller is a typical etyres customer, juggling work and a busy family life, however she also has the added commitment of making a regular 60 mile round trip to visit a relative in hospital with her son and although her tyres were still roadworthy they were very close to the legal minimum limit of 1.6mm.

“I knew my tyres needed replacing, because my car slid on a wet roundabout recently,” Mrs Miller explained “I had also been warned at a service that the tread depth was very low.

“I had only bought the car a few months ago and had not checked the tyres, so it was an expense I really didn’t need, especially so soon after Christmas.

“I didn’t know about the Millionth Order customer getting their tyres for free, so when I got the call from etyres Head Office saying I was the winner, I thought it was a joke! Things like this never normally happen for me!”

etyres is very proud to have reached its milestone Millionth Order placed on our latest CRM system and happy to have made Mrs Miller’s day.

While there was only one Millionth Order winner, all of our customers can rest assured that not only will they always benefit from our mobile tyre fitting service, but our highly competitive prices are always low, thanks to our popular Discount Promise, which means you receive £25 if you order four new tyres or £10 if you buy two or three new tyres.

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