Bridgstone tyres tugs at heart-strings with latest TV advert

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Bridgestone tyres has tugged at the old heartstrings with its latest TV advert to make it onto UK small screens.

The beautifully shot commercial follows a couple carrying their new born baby out of the hospital in the pouring rain. While little Sarah Jane is asleep in the car, both attentive parents show natural concern for her safety and well-being, when all of a sudden the father has to swerve and brake hard.

Fortunately, he manages to swerve and avoid an accident without waking his newborn daughter up.

And the message: “We make tyres that help you stop shorter in the wet. Your journey, Our passion. Bridgestone.”

The integrated multimedia campaign receives heavy online support through a wide range of screen formats in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain demonstrating the “stop shorter in the wet” benefit.

Des Collins, VP European Communications Office Bridgestone Europe, said: “This new campaign aims to show Bridgestone’s strength in the areas of safety and environmental performance, presented with an appealing human touch”

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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