Bridgestone tyres commit to European road safety programme

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By Oiver Hall

Bridgestone tyres has extended its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter aimed at reducing road fatalities for another three years.

The tyres manufacturers new agreement will be backed by a proactive programme of tyre safety checks to educate motorists about the importance of correct and regular tyre maintenance.

Bridgestone, which first committed to the programme in 2005, will carry out at least 30,00 tyre safety checks with motorists across Europe during 2010.

The awareness scheme will be accompanies by a range of educational tools, including the distribution of up to 50,000 freee tyre pressure gauges, 50,000 printed leaflets in various languages and 50,000 tyre check report-sheets to all participating motorists.

The inspections will be carried out at various public places such as car parks, shopping centres, motorway petrol stations and other events.

Bridgestone will also endeavor to publicise the results of its tyre checks, as it has done in the past.

The results of its 2009 tests conducted as part of the global ‘Think Before You Drive’ road safety campaign show that 81 per cent of motorists in Europe drive on under-inflated tyres and 17 per cent of tyres are worn down below the legal tread depth minimum of 1.6mm.

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