Brigestone offer the low-down on run-flat tyres

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Run-flat tyres were brought into focus in a feature with Bridgestone carried out by just-auto, the automotive industry’s leading online resource.

Matthew Beecham quizzed Bridgestone executives about the use of run-flat tyres and TPMS, along with the use of winter tyres in parts of Europe and tyre labeling.

Beecham asked: “I guess that TPMS and run-flat tyres will play a part in accelerating the removal of the spare tyre. What’s your view?”

To which Bridgestone responded: “TPMS is useful to ensure the safe usage of tyres on the vehicle. It also indicates if a slow puncture is reducing pressure so the tyre can be checked. However, it will only tell you that your tyre is flat, or going flat, and does not get you moving once the air has gone.

“Run-flat tyres on the other hand allow the vehicle to continue moving, albeit at a limited speed and distance, and so is a real alternative to a spare tyre. Obviously a TPMS must be used as otherwise many people would not recognize that the tyre was running without air.

“Many cars in Europe today have no spare tyre but due to certain markets still legally requiring a spare tyre the vehicle design on global vehicles tends to include the holding space, either for a full-size or a space saver wheel or mobility kit.”

Beecham also tackled Bridgestone on what is seen as one of the main drawbacks of run-flat tyres – ride comfort. He asked: “In terms of comfort, how do the latest generation of run-flats compare with conventional tyres?”

Bridgestone responded: “With the launch of the latest RFT technology generation, we believe that we have reached a comfort level, which is comparable with the one of “normal tyres”.”

etyres are run-flat tyres specialists and supply and fit a wide range of run-flat tyres at your home or work.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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