Bridgestone promotes responsible recycling of old tyres

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Bridgestone has reaffirmed that the recycling of its end of life tyres plays a fundamental role in the company’s commitment to the environment.

In addition to its retreading operations, Bridgestone participates in recycling operations that puts its tyres which are not fit for further service to use for various purposes.

Bridgestone lists use in children’s playgrounds, sports surfaces, running tracks, equestrian areas, flooring and the use of building composites as examples.

Whole tyres are re-used in civil engineering for road embankments, coastal protection and sound barriers. Worn tyres are also collected and utilised as fuel for cement plant furnaces and in energy recovery at thermal power stations and incineration units.

Andy Dingley, UK communications manager for Bridgestone, said: “We are aware that there comes a time when even a Bridgestone tyre outlives its usefulness. However, once our tyres are not fit for the road, they have many other uses which benefit both individuals and the business world.

“We are wholly committed to the sustainable re-use and recycling of our products. As a member of the Tyre Industry Federation and Tyre Recovery Association, we actively promote the responsible recycling of our tyre products and have joined with other local partnerships and associates to help encourage this practice across the industry.”

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