Time to take charge of your battery

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When temperatures start to change, so does the way a vehicle runs, and that especially applies to your battery. But a bit of preparation can prevent a winter breakdown and help to keep your vehicle running as the mercury plummets.

The first thing to be aware of is that batteries only tend to last four to five years, so if yours is older than that there is a good chance it will let you down in the near future.

We recommend you clean the cables and terminals at the battery to make sure they’re in working order and also inspect the cables for cracks and breaks. The terminals should fit snugly with no loose connections.

Also check the battery fluid by uncovering the refill hole and if the level is below the bottom of the cap, refill with distilled water.

In a perfect world, you will recognise the telltale signs that indicate a battery could be on its last legs, such as dimmer lights when the engine turns over and by replacing it immediately it will avoid the let-down of a completely flat battery.

etyres supply and fit a wide range of batteries to suit all budgets and the price you are quoted always includes our mobile tyre fitting service, fitting, disposal of the old battery, a three year guarantee and VAT.

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